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How it works


Crewell allows simultaneous work of several managers inside of the company's account. Separate managers accounts help to organize and control the online crewing process of your company on Crewell.

  • Administrator-manager can publish and edit the company's profile
  • Administrator-manager can invite new managers and delete their accounts
  • All managers can publish vacancies
  • All managers can manage vacancies
  • All managers can manage applicants CVs

* 2 managers accounts are included in a Free Stand By account plan and as many as you need in a Full Ahead account plan.

Company ProfileFREE

Create a complete and presentable profile to advertise your company with he help of Crewell.

Profile is published in the Companies catalog and available for all site users and guests.

Users will see all the information about your company as well as all your open vacancies. Don't forget to upload your logotype and create a map.

* You can replace your registration e-mail by any other one for displaying in your company's profile! We also defend your e-mails addresses from a collecting by spam bots


Crewell gives you an opportunity to publish your vacancies and get a response from available and interested candidates.

Crewell has thousands of visitors every day, they constantly monitor all new publications.

After posting a vacancy it will be seen by your potential employees in a very short time.

Vacancy published on is additionally automatically sent to Crewell vacancies subscribers via e-mail notifications. It’s also shown in most popular social networks.

So you can be sure that your vacancy is seen by everybody.

Vacancies ManagementFREE

Creating and managing of your vacancies now is easier then ever!

Flexible and intelligent form of vacancy creating will save your time and nerves.

You can use already saved data such as the last vacancy details or the vessel details from your vessels list.

Change, prolong, open and close any of your vacancies easy and fast! You will definitely like it.


If you have open vacancies published on Crewell, you can invite any seaman to consider your job offer.

Just find a profile that you think will suit your needs and push "Invite seaman to my vacancy".

Seafarer will get an e-mail notification and will be able to consider your vacancy.

In case of his interest you will get this seaman with a complete CV as an applicant for your vacancy in the applicants list.

Get CVs OnlineFREE

After publishing a vacancy you will get CVs of your willing applicants right inside of your Crewell account.

Unique online Crewell CV is the most comfortable in filling for seamen, it also stays suitable and universal for many Employers.

You can sort, print, download CV of any of your applicants.

You are finally free from different CVs and SPAM to your e-mail. All modern companies managers appreciate this way of work that reduces their spent of time and really volumes their effectiveness.

Smart CVs SortingFREE

Online intelligent service of Smart CVs Sorting saves 90% of crewing manager time.

It automatically sorts your candidates depending on your vacancy requirements and their sea experience.

Your list of applicants is sorted automatically: you will see the most suitable candidates for your vacancy with the same type of vessel and rank experience first then with the same type of fleet and rank and so on.

Unbelievable, but It really works!

CVs ManagementFREE

Getting the online CVs in your account you are in the two-way connection with your applicants.

Seamen can monitor the view time of online CVs in their accounts and they are waiting for your decision.

You can deny not suitable applicants with your comments or approve one of them online. Your applicants will receive the appropriate notifications.

So you can keep your seamen informed just working in your Crewell account.

Total CVs Database access

Become a TOP partner and use all the Crewell system functionality and the biggest active database of available seafarers without any limit.

Publish vacancies and get CVs or just select CVs from Catalog to contact seafarers directly in some urgent cases.

Auto Selection

You automatically go to the list of selected CVs from the database right after the vacancy publication what helps to save your time.

Criteria of CVs selection: Position + Vessel type (from sea service records) + Availability status Premium Members see full CVs (with contact details) and may contact seafarers directly.

Stand By Free users may use Invitations service to invite interesting seafarers for a vacancy.

You may get to the Auto Selected CVs page any time by pushing the button "Auto Selection from CVs DB" above your applicants list.

Top Vacancies

Top Vacancy is a complex of unique Smart Invitation and Top Vacancy services.

Smart invitations for your vacancy will be immediately sent to all seamen with relevant experience (rank + type of vessel) registered on Crewell independently from their subscriptions. They will know about your vacancy and will be able to apply online.

Moreover your vacancy will stay on top of the most visited Crewell vacancies page.

Publish your urgent vacancy on with more quick results with the help of Top Vacancies service.

Get CVs+Docs online

Most of seamen registered on Crewell keep scans of their maritime documents in their accounts on

You will have an access all uploaded scans of your applicants together with their CVs in your account.

You will not need to ask them for documents for checking – just see and download the full pack of your applicants’ docs at once.

Applicants archive

All of your applicants for already closed vacancies are not deleted and you may return to them when vacancy is opened again.

After opening the old vacancy you can see your old candidates also. The Applicants Archive will be the most helpful when you open a recently closed vacancy.

It will let you to choose suitable candidate in a very short term.

TOP Profile

Your Company Profile is placed in Top of companies catalog as a featured Crewell Employer.

Placement in TOP increases your brand recognition and your Company positive image among thousands of Crewell users and visitors.

Advanced CVs search

CREWELL allows its TOP partners to use a unique instrument for a quickest Employees search among a widest ACTIVE seafarers data-base.

Smart CVs Search engine helps to select a required CV in a few moments among the seafarers who want to be found and recruited.

Available Criteria for crew CVs selection:

  • Position (multi-selection)
  • Citizenship (multi-selection)
  • English level
  • Age
  • Salary acceptable
  • Type of Vessel (multi-selection)
  • DWT range
  • ME type
  • ME power range
  • Flag docs (on hands)
  • USA and Schengen visas (on hands)

It's also possible to find your "lost" employee by his name, e-mail or phone number for urgent re-employment.

It's the one of the unique CREWELL functional and services which are simplifying recruitment process for 100%.


We are making the crewing world better!