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* By purchasing any premium services on Crewell.net you agree with the following:
Crewell provides numerous online job-search services. It doesn't guaranty an employment and doesn't take part in your employment process.
Any questions regarding the employment should be addressed directly to the employer which provides vacancies that you are interested in.


We have created a great unique online Crewell CV, which is most comfortable for filling and editing and appreciated by maritime Employers.

No more steps during filling of seaman application form. Crewell CV is like a usual paper Application Form. All information and scans of documents are collected on a single page. Just fill in all required fields, add scans of maritime documents and your CV is ready! If you have some changes you are free to edit your online CV any time.

Remember that your CV is your main maritime document and it must be filled correctly! Congratulations, you may start applying to vacancies via Crewell.net!

* Crewell does not provide or sell an access to seamen CVs to any company! CV becomes visible to an Employer only when you apply to a vacancy!

ONLINE Docs Storage FREE

You have a good possibility to speed up a successful consideration of your candidature by Employer.
Just save scans of your maritime documents together with online CV on Crewell. As you know, there is a need to provide an employer with copies of your documents for familiarization every time before confirmation of joining the vessel. However, the process of correspondence with company, sending documents by e-mail may take too long time and lead to loss of a desired job.

Get impressed by a new function of documents uploading and managing right inside of online Crewell CV. The procedure is easy and will not take too much of your time, but will definitely increase your chances for successful employment. Moreover, the online storage of CVs and maritime documents allows downloading them from any device in case of need.

* Crewell does not provide or sell an access to seamen CVs and documents to any company! CV and scans become visible to an Employer only when you apply to a vacancy!

Expired Docs Reminder FREE

Always keep your online CV up to date!

It is very important when you are searching for a job and applying for vacancies via Crewell.

Now you do not need to remember the dates of your docs’ expiration. Crewell will remind you when you have to change the documents data is your CV after their change or prolongation.

Complete and updated CV is a key to success!

White List FREE

Be proud of the fact that you are doing a great career and you are a good employee. Do not hide this from your potential employers. Make it a part of your online presentation.

Add copies of your performance reports, references and promotions right into your CV. Also save the contact details of your revious Employers as your recommenders.

Your online CV is going to be a highly presentable and attractive.

Your employer will appreciate his right choice of hiring you!


Do you have an e-mail address of a new interesting company?

You don't even need to have a mailing program to send your CV.

Send your complete CV right from your account on Crewell. Just input an e-mail address and push the button send.

This service is available for using from any device and via Crewell Mobile also.


The best way to find a desired job at sea - is to monitor new vacancies on Crewell and apply online for the most suitable of them.

Your online CV is going under Employers consideration right after you push the button "Apply". You can show your scans of documents and a white list information together with your CV.

It's really so fast and easy!

ONLINE Applicant Status FREE

You can monitor and control your Applicant Status in your personal seaman account in a live mode.

You will know when the Employer opened your online CV and whether you were confirmed or denied for a vacancy.

You will see the Employers comments and other important information.


Crewell Mobile for seamen allows seafarers to keep up with the world crewing situation and do not miss any hot open vacancy for seamen.

Any registered Crewell user can use Crewell Mobile for free.

For enter use your e-mail and password from Crewell system (only in case your online CV is complete).

E-MAIL Notifications FREE

Be sure that you will not miss any new vacancy published on Crewell.net.

You have a great option to use vacancies e-mail notifications service. You can easily be first applicant and get more chances to be approved by Employer.

When you see a suitable vacancy do not forget to push the button "Apply" under the vacancy details.

TOP Applicant

Candidates’ data are usually sorted by the time of applying in the Company’s account. In case of active «Top Applicant» service, your data are always displayed on top of the list of candidates for a vacancy and your CV is marked by

Top Applicant function allows seafarers to become more noticeable and to show their seriousness and interest in getting a job.

TOP Catalog

Your full CV with your contact details is displayed in the Seamen Top Catalog. Your resume is always on top of the Seamen Catalog page and on top of search results.

Only registered Employers have access to your data. Other seamen and guests can not see your CV and personal information.

Placement in the Top Catalog gives an opportunity for Employers to get your full CV immediately in case of urgent vacancy.

We recommend placement in the Top Catalog in case of urgent job search.

CV Mailing

CV distribution often helps seamen in finding job at sea.

You can send your Crewell CV and a full set of uploaded maritime documents to all employers registered on Crewell.net by one click. Many companies save seamen CVs in their databases for further use.

Announce your availability by CV mailing via Crewell!

* Service includes 1 time CV distribution to all Crewell Employers.

Docs for Employers

Your potential Employers will have an access to a full set of your uploaded scans of maritime documents from your CV when you apply for their vacancies.

You will be free from additional actions of collecting and sending your docs by e-mail to each employer. It will speed up a consideration of your candidature many times.


You can start the online chat with an Employer after applying for his vacancy. You can ask for an important information about a vacancy, advise an additional information about yourself and get known about the consideration process status.

Online chat with an Employer replaces an expensive international telephone connection and other ways of communication.

Auto applicant

You intrust Crewell to immediately offer your online CV for all new relevant vacancies on your behalf.

You will be the first candidate for such vacancies and will get much more possibilities for a fast employment.

Potential employer will contact you directly to clarify the details. You will get e-mail notifications after each auto-applying and will be able to cancel an applying any moment.

Unlimited Applicant

Do you want to be considered by employers to all interesting vacancies?

Unlimited Applicant service makes your abilities unlimited. You can apply to all vacancies you want.

Apply to many vacancies simultaneously, it will increase your chances for getting good job at sea for sure!

After a successful confirmation of your candidature by one of the Employers, do not forget to cancel your applying for the rest of vacancies on Crewell.

Use all modern advantages of Crewell.

We are making the crewing world better!