Job for Seamen

  • New opportunities to find job at sea, job at offshore with the help of crewing service Crewell
  • Filling and editing seamen’s CVs and application forms
  • Uploading and storage of scanned marine documents
  • Online application for open vacancies for seamen
  • Receipt of ”hot” vacancies for seafarers by e-mail
  • Sending of the application form and seafarer's documents to any e-mail by "one click"

Services for Ship owners

  • Unlimited using of service is FREE of charge!
  • Vacancies management
  • Fresh and active database of seamen
  • Online candidates management
  • Online chat for communication with applicants
  • Minimizing risk for employers while selecting candidates for job at sea

Services for Crewing companies

  • Unlimited using of service is FREE of charge!
  • Placement and editing of vacancies for seafarers
  • Fresh and active database of seamen and offshore crew
  • Selection of crew for job at sea, job at offshore by given parameters
  • Direct communication with seamen-candidates for the job at sea
  • Minimizing risk for employers while selecting candidates for work at sea

Vacancies for Seamen

  • Daily updates of vacancies for seamen
  • mail notifications about new vacancies for seafarers
  • Access to archive of vacancies at sea
  • Online application for hot sea vacancies
  • Notification seamen about closed vacancies

Seamen Application Form

  • Complete Seamen Application Form online
  • Send seamen CV to any email
  • Dowload maritime resume in .DOC format
  • Upload marine documents to online storage
  • Fill in the "White List" of seafarer

Crewing Companies Catalog

  • List of crewing agencies
  • Manning agencies contacts
  • Emails of crewing and manning companies
  • Complete seamen application form for crewing company
  • Find job at sea via crewing company

Global crewing is here!

Free online crewing management system
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Crewell is a modern and functional place for interaction of seamen with maritime employers

The main task of the system is to reduce spend of time and money for both sides. On maritime web-site seamen can find job at sea and Employers can select the best suitable seafarers candidates for their maritime vacancies and use unique online crewing management system.

New job vacancies for seamen help seamen to find job at sea.

Active database of seafarers and online management system allow employing the best available seamen candidates from all around the world for crewing and shipowner companies.


For Seamen

  • Seamen career management online
  • Filling and editing seamen profiles and application forms
  • Uploading and storage of scans of seafarer’s documents
  • Online application for open maritime vacancies
  • Vacancies notifications by e-mail, sms, mobile application
  • Mailing of seamen CV to Employers' e-mails
  • etc.

Fill online CV!

For Employers

  • Company profile in Crewell catalog
  • Online management of job vacancies for seamen
  • Active fresh Crewell database of seafarers
  • Online management of seamen applicants in company's account
  • "Smart selection" of candidates for open vacancies
  • Online communication with the seamen applicants
  • etc.

Publish a vacancy!

About services for seamen


Manage your career online!

Our system contains unique tools helping seamen to manage a maritime career. In the "User Account" you may fill in and edit your application form, as well as to prepare and keep up to date a complete pack of maritime documents.

The best way to find a desirable job at sea is to monitor all vacancies published on and to apply online for suitable ones. Your CV goes under Employers consideration as soon as you click the button «Apply». It is really so easy!


Personal must stay personal! We do not publish CVs of seamen on our pages in open access unlike most maritime internet sites and databases! Your Surname, date of birth, maritime experience, contacts and other personal information are not disclosed to anybody.

We do not sell an access to the seamen database to any crewing or management company! Only you can provide Employers with a full CV if you like their profile and their vacancies as sea. In order to propose your candidature and show your CV to an Employer don’t forget to push the button «Apply» under the details of maritime vacancy.


Unique Online CV

We’ve created a great unique online Crewell CV which is most comfortable for filling and editing and appreciated by maritime Employers. No more steps during filling of seamen application form. Crewell CV is like a usual paper Application Form. All information is collected on a single page.

Just fill in all required fields and your CV is ready! If you have some changes you are free to edit your online CV any time. Remember that your CV is your main maritime document and it must be filled correctly! Congratulations, you may start applying to vacancies via!

5 ways of notifications about new vacancies

Be sure that you will not miss any new vacancy published on You have a great option to use all the services of vacancies notifications: E-mail notifications, SMS notifications, Crewell Mobile application, RSS Feed, posts in social networks.

You can easily be first applicant and get more chances to be approved by Employer. When you find a suitable vacancy don’t forget to push the bottom «Apply under the vacancy details.


Be aware about your CV status

Crewell informs you and confirms when you become an applicant. You can monitor the status of your CV In your personal account. You will know when Employer opened your CV.

If Employer denies some candidature the notification is also following shortly. You may communicate with your Employer via Crewell live chat – the quickest way of international connection.


Instruments to speed up your career

Crewell possesses all the instruments for fast search the best job at sea. We can propose you several additional services that help seamen to be more successful: CV mailing, Seamen Gold Catalog, Gold Applicant service, advertisements on Crewell pages and many other…

Crewell does not announce but proposes much more unique services which you will see after registration. Try it out right now!

About services for Employers

Just publish a vacancy and thousands of seamen will see it immediately!

Crewell has thousands of seamen visitors every day, they constantly monitor all new publications. After posting a vacancy it will be seen by your potential employees in a very short time.

Vacancy published on is additionally automatically sent to Crewell vacancies subscribers via e-mail and sms services of notifications. It’s also shown in most popular social networks. So you can be sure that your vacancy is seen by everybody.


Crewell has the freshest ACTIVE database of CVs on the market!

Our modern technologies, fast development and appreciation of seamen from all around the world allowed us to gather a big active database of seamen which grows daily. It’s not that database as other maritime sites have, Crewell seamen database is alive! Seafarers need confidentiality and they get it here.

On seafarer proposes his candidature only when he is ready to do so. Thus you do not even need to have a full access to the database to search your candidates by yourself, of course you still can invite any seaman from catalog to your vacancy and get his complete CV if he agrees.

Just publish a vacancy - seamen will find you! You will get CVs only of available and interested seamen, no more spend of time for not available candidates. It’s a brand new way of online crewing, which became possible with the Internet development. Didn’t you dream about it? We made it real!

Universal CV may suit all of your needs. Get no more SPAM !

Unique Crewell CV form is the most comfortable in filling for seamen, it also stays suitable and universal for many Employers. You can sort, print, download CV of any of your applicants. Scans of seafarers’ documents and performance reports are also available together with seaman application form.

The same time you are finally free from diverse CVs and SPAM on your e-mail. All modern companies managers appreciate this way of work that reduces their spent of time and really volumes their effectiveness.


Managers’ online collaboration

Joint company account allows working online for all managers simultaneously from any device around the world. All vacancies, candidates with managers’ comments and open chats are updating online.

You can see any changes made by colleagues in real time. All your closed vacancies and candidates are saved in archive in order to work at them again when needed.

Online instruments for communication with candidates

All of your candidates are automatically informed when you open their CVs. Online chat allows managers communicate with applicants right inside the system.

There is no need to use international telephone and spend money and time any more. Crewell online chat is the quickest way to get more urgent information from your seaman.


«Smart selection» of candidates

Time optimization and effectiveness of crewing managers are the basic tasks of Crewell. Even having suitable working place in Crewell company’s account with candidates proposing their CVs in unified form, it takes time to look through each of them, especially having hundreds of candidates to every vacancy.

Our online intelligent system of «Smart selection» saves 90% of crewing manager time. It automatically sorts your candidates depending on your vacancy requirements and their sea experience. Your list of applicants is sorted automatically: you will see the most suitable candidates for your vacancy with the same type of vessel and rank experience first and so on. Unbelievable, but It really works!

Crewell does not announce but proposes much more unique services which you will see after registration! Using of our unique modern system is really FREE of charge! Try it out right now!

Crewell Crewell 3rd Officer Sumit ******

I m new in this site. .. but it seems very effective and good to me .. though yet I m waiting for fruit to get.. I m sure tht I'll advertise the site to my fellow friends.. thnks SUMIT

Crewell Crewell AB (Able Seaman) JAMES ******

i just join crewell before the end of last year 2013 through a friend who gave me the address to register on this site i am efficient deck hand known as A/B and am hoping that i will get a call from one of the numerous shipping companies from this site and i know CREWELL they are the best

Crewell Mobile

Crewell Mobile for seamen allows seafarers to keep up with the world crewing situation and don't miss any hot open vacancy for seamen. Any registered user can use Crewell Mobile for free.

To Log In use your Email and Password from system.

More about Crewell Mobile »


Why you should join us now? – is a quickly developing maritime internet site, and a unique system for everyday operations of crewing manager on the one hand and effective tool in searching job for seamen on the other.

Maritime internet site offers simple and convenient tools in order to help seamen in searching job at sea. Such as: subscription for a new job vacancies for seamen, the opportunity to apply for maritime vacancies online, notification about already closed job vacancies at sea, system of invitations seafarers for marine vacancies from crewings and shipowners and many other useful features.

In the section with vacancies for seamen it is easy find job at sea for seaman of any maritime profession. The number of applicants for a maritime vacancy, which is displayed, shows the relevance of the vacancy for seamen, what is useful information for sailors, crewing companies and ship owners.

Crewing manager receives notification about new candidates for each vacancy for seamen in real time, this allows to simplify and speed up the recruitment of seamen for job at sea. Applying to the maritime job online, by pressing a one button, the seafarer is sure that the employer knows about his will to accept the offer for job at sea, and sees all the data of seaman immediately.

These and other advantages of this maritime system together help to speed up the crewing process of employment of seamen.