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  • MD ASIF *******
    3rd Officer | 02.11.2018

    Undoubtedly it is one of the best site to find the job at sea I have ever come in touch. So I would like to request to crewell service to make this service World wide so that we can pay crewell for making this service easy and more convenient for us.


  • SOHAIL *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 26.10.2018

    Still waiting for a job offer.Hope will find as soon as possible,..............


  • Tarek *******
    Chief Engineer | 19.10.2018

    Still waiting for a job offer - I apply my post since 2015. Still waiting, i am relay hope .Thanks CREWELL.


  • Gatot *******
    3rd Officer | 14.10.2018

    The formulas of a success are a hard work and never give up. Thanks crewell for this app, we hope can get a job here


  • Sammy *******
    Motorman/Oiler | 12.10.2018

    Still waiting for a job offer.Hope will find one soon


  • Parvinder *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 11.10.2018

    Thanku crewell it helps a lot to find a job really great job best site crewell in the world


  • Oleg *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 10.10.2018

    Good site) Well done developers, it helps a lot to find a job !!! The best maritime site in Ukraine !!!


  • Oleg *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 10.10.2018

    Хороший сайт)Молодцы разработчики,помогает очень по поиску работы!!!Самый лучший морской сайт в Украине!!!


  • PRINCELY *******
    OS (Ordinary Seaman) | 08.10.2018

    Great site! I hope to get my first offshore job through this beautiful platform soon. Am passionate about it.


  • David Kwabena *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 06.10.2018

    Thanks, your site is useful and am on it.


  • mookaiah *******
    Crane Operator | 30.09.2018

    Very good for seafarer


  • FARDELIS *******
    Motorman/Oiler | 30.09.2018

    love it yahh..


  • Nsima *******
    Trainee Engineer | 30.09.2018

    Hello everyone, good to be here and hope to get my first employment as an engine cadet sooner.


  • Jusak *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 30.09.2018

    Thank you Crewell , make easy job for me.


  • Samer *******
    Chief Engineer | 30.09.2018

    Thank you so much CREW ELL ,i am relay hope ,will find job offer for me, this site is very helpful to seafarers around the world to find job vacancies on board thank you.


  • OHN *******
    3rd Engineer | 30.09.2018

    I apply my post since 2017. Still waiting.Thks crewell.


  • Baso Sunusi *******
    Master | 29.09.2018

    I have never been getting a job from crewell


  • Baso Sunusi *******
    Master | 29.09.2018

    I was joining with crewell untill now, I never get a job.


  • bastian sitorus *******
    Motorman/Oiler | 29.09.2018

    Thanks crewell...I hope can get job from crewell


  • Anup *******
    2nd Engineer | 28.09.2018

    Very Good marine job portal


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    • Be Employed
  • Chief Officer

    This site is very good, in this site very much opportunity, thanks crewell »

  • Master


  • Master

    Hello everyone, I hope that this site will meet expectations for my career. There are so many possibility for many type of vessel. Thanks Crewell. Ali Nasır »

  • 3rd Officer

    I m new in this site. .. but it seems very effective and good to me .. though yet I m waiting for fruit to get.. I m sure tht I'll advertise the site to my fellow friends.. thnks SUMIT... »

  • Chief Engineer

    It is actually, I'm employed via Crewell allready second time, with normal salary (as for my position) »

  • 4th Engineer

    So far CREWELL is the most transparent job site I've visited even though am still job hunting here , am hopeful and THANKS TO THE TEAM . »

  • Watch Engineer

    Very Good site! I'm found my last contract here. Thanks a lot for CREWELL TEAM ! »

  • 3rd Officer

    Well done - Crewell =)) If u want to be ok, u must be with job today)))) Good luck for all) »

  • AB (Able Seaman)

    I know Crewell will help me get a job on this site, AB from Ghana.I pray for all seamen to get a good job. »

  • Chief Officer itself called; Crew & Well is a perfect place to go for seafarers who search for an opportunity to extend their career. Millions thanks "Crewell" you've done greatest... »

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