Del Seatek India Pvt. Ltd

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City: Mumbai
Address: C 13/14, Antophill Warehousing Complex, Barkat Ali Road, Wadala (E) - Mumbai 400037, India
Phone: +912224182646
License: 3
Contact person: Vinod

Del Seatek India Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated in 2003 to provide quality underwater services to the Oil & Gas, Marine and EPC sectors globally and across the life of an oilfield.

The Promoters have serviced the offshore oil fields in the North Sea, Middle East, South East Asia, West Africa and India through international companies.  

Seatek Offshore Pvt. Ltd (Mauritius) was incorporated in 2006 to service our overseas clients for their international projects.  

Seatek Oil & Gas Services LLC. was formed in 2012 in Abu Dhabi to service the ever growing Oil and Gas industry in the Middle East sector.

The Human Resources business vertical is thus focused on the Oil & Gas, Marine and EPC sectors. 

To provide true commitment and best services to our clients.

Ø  To provide best and well qualified & well experienced manpower to our clients.
To safeguard the interest of our clients.

To be recognized as a well responsible human resource management company.

Why Seatek? 
The Seatek group aims to fill a niche in the market by providing high value service to all our clients and candidates alike. We pride ourselves in the quality of services provided to our discerning customers.  

As a Group, Seatek is industry focused to track sector specific talent across the world. Being completely independent and wholly owned allows us to be totally flexible and agile.  

Our methodology is structured as well as dynamic and flexible. The Structured approach provides consistency and quality in our services.

Flexibility and dynamism ensures we are proactive as well as innovative. Seatek follows clear and proven steps to bridge quality talent with employers.

Our proprietary software system contains a database of over 400,000 curriculum vitae and growing   Seatek personnel strive to accelerate the skill mapping between Job Description and resumes in minimal time.

Our aim is for providing quality profiles after revalidation within a minimum time frame (not exceeding 96 hours from receipt of a JD).   We look forward to exploring mutually beneficial opportunities with our prospective clients.  

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