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  • JOSEPH KOBINA *******
    Bosun (Boatswain) | 03.08.2016

    ... I know for sure that, this is a wonderful website and it is so easy to get job faster. It very helpful and also very reliable. Many Thank to organizers.


  • Oleksiy *******
    2nd Engineer | 24.07.2016

    I realy find this site one of the best in comunication between employers and sailors. Thanks a lot to CREWELL crew for give opportunities. Bless You.


  • catur *******
    Chief Engineer | 20.07.2016

    a big hope for this website to easy find seamen jobs, really nice web.


  • Didik Kusuma *******
    Wiper | 09.07.2016

    Thank you , this is Awsome website , complete any vecancies .


  • IGOR *******
    Chief Officer | 07.07.2016



  • STEPANUS *******
    Master | 26.06.2016

    Thanks alot CREWELL TEAM, All the best.


  • mohamed *******
    Master | 26.06.2016

    crewell is so easy use great site and more vacancis....... thanks evry body work to help us..


  • Fahreza Ismail *******
    Chief Engineer | 20.06.2016

    I hope I get chance to join from CREWELL. This my first touch to join here.


  • SYARIFUDDIN *******
    Chief Engineer | 19.06.2016

    Thanks for helping any people to find a job based on his experience.


  • syafrullah *******
    Chief Engineer | 13.06.2016

    Hopefully we can Get easy access for android mobile phone to make a app in appstore.. thank you so much crewell


  • Eduard *******
    2nd Officer | 07.06.2016

    I am trying to get a job during of the last year!!! Nothing zero 000000000000000000


  • Muhammad Arfah *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 07.06.2016

    Thanks for your assistance to find job. I am proud become a member of your site.any way don't too much job for 'certain NATIONALITY ...


  • James *******
    2nd Officer | 06.06.2016

    Thank you for helping people more blessing to come


  • Vasyl *******
    Cook | 05.06.2016

    thanks to developers for the great resource, hope to find job with it!


  • Innocent *******
    2nd Officer | 01.06.2016

    Wao i so much love the settings @ crewell & I have a fat hope getting a job/ go onboard soon. Kudos to the Administration of this wonderful site.


  • DEDY *******
    2nd Engineer | 05.05.2016

    Thank you very much for CREWELL.NET, We are hoping can join your clients someday. Make our dreams come true.


  • S *******
    Fitness Instructor | 04.05.2016

    Good. I found my last contract here.


  • mohamed *******
    Chief Engineer | 01.05.2016

    Thank crewell to help me for looking forward to conducting a successful professional career by contributing in the success and the progress of a unique company.


  • SUDARMAN *******
    4th Engineer | 26.04.2016

    Nice site, hopely can find a job here


  • agus *******
    2nd Officer | 20.04.2016

    Thank alot for crewell cause can sea job


  • Как найти работу с помощью Crewell?
    • Выбирайте вакансии
    • Откликайтесь
    • Успешно трудоустройтесь
  • 2nd Engineer

    I realy find this site one of the best in comunication between employers and sailors. Thanks a lot to CREWELL crew for give opportunities. Bless You. »

  • Motorman/Oiler

    Is good too be part of crewell and am happy seeing crewell giving me 5USD , am greatfull am very confident dat I will get a good job here. »

  • Chief Engineer

    Thanks for your assist Crewel Team. GOOD JOB. »

  • Single Engineer

    Очень удобный сайт. Сидя дома тебя находит работа. Из дома выхожу сразу на самолёт чтобы лететь на судно. »

  • 3rd Officer

    I m new in this site. .. but it seems very effective and good to me .. though yet I m waiting for fruit to get.. I m sure tht I'll advertise the site to my fellow friends.. thnks SUMIT... »

  • Watch Engineer

    Very Good site! I'm found my last contract here. Thanks a lot for CREWELL TEAM ! »

  • 4th Engineer

    So far CREWELL is the most transparent job site I've visited even though am still job hunting here , am hopeful and THANKS TO THE TEAM . »

  • Chief Engineer

    Crewell you are my best friend because of you i can easy to get my best chance. Success for your Team »

  • Chief Officer

    This site is very good, in this site very much opportunity, thanks crewell »

  • Roustabout

    Thank you Crewell team for blessing me with unexpected 5USD I appreciate »

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