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  • Edwin *******
    Crane Operator | 20.03.2018

    I hope can get the job as your all mentions in this site. I’m always try and trying to apply,who knows one days i will get best luck to the job.


  • Yusnimar *******
    3rd Officer | 09.03.2018

    This is first timeI'm join to crwell company, I hope to get a job that suits my competency, crewel is the best Thanks so much


  • Mphiwe Sizwe *******
    4th Engineer | 07.03.2018

    I have lost hope. Since December I have been applying for every Engine Rating Position but I never had any kind of feed back. I have a Third Class licence as the Officer Of the watch which I obtained in November Last year. I think I should just throw it away and pursue another career.


  • Ehab *******
    2nd Officer | 26.02.2018

    I'm a new member but, is looking very well organised and I suppose will be useful and hope to find plesent job.


  • Nandkishor *******
    3rd Officer | 18.02.2018

    Out standing, helpful, good very very good thanks to crewell website I hope used to all crew


  • khaled *******
    Chief Engineer | 17.02.2018

    It's very good from crewell to apply for vacancy but very hard to found vacancy Especially for Egyptian citizen. But at last very good form crewell


  • ROMAN *******
    Chief Officer | 16.02.2018

    For a few years, never offered work.Only information.


  • Very nice and simple to use website


  • MATE *******
    Chief Officer | 13.02.2018

    this good web site, i hope many sailors find the job


  • Jorge *******
    2nd Officer | 13.02.2018

    Thank you Crewell, I found a job and it was really easy. I recommend this web site to everyone.


  • THIHA MYINT AUNG *******
    4th Engineer | 08.02.2018

    Hello all!!! unfortunately, i did't find job from this web site although i applied for vacancies associated with my suitable jobs. I'm always waiting for their reply. Sorry for my disappointment.


  • Yoesoep *******
    Chief Cook | 03.02.2018

    I hope Crewell will become the leader for seacrew to find their job.


  • Yoesoep *******
    Chief Cook | 03.02.2018

    this website is really helpful to find a job according our skill.


  • Ardiansyah *******
    3rd Engineer | 02.02.2018

    this is first time iam join to crwell, I hope to get a job that suits my competency, crewel is the best


  • Viktor *******
    2nd Engineer | 01.02.2018

    Good, BIG and strong site with seafarers and seamans ))))))))))))))))))))))


  • devita *******
    3rd Officer | 30.01.2018

    it's not so easy to found a job here. I was starting since 2016 and until now, no one company picking up my cv.


  • Ovanes *******
    Chief Officer | 23.01.2018

    hi all!!!! unfortunately , i did not find job on this web site. all the best to all of you!!!


  • Alaa *******
    Chief Engineer | 15.01.2018

    Perfect place to find a fit vacancy. Best Regards


  • Ryan anthony *******
    2nd Officer | 15.01.2018

    Thank you somuch crewell for giving us chance to work with your good company Godbless


  • lewi *******
    3rd Engineer | 10.01.2018

    Thanks so much, CREWELL . I hopeful whit this websitee will find job faster for me as a seafarer. Best regards.


  • Как найти работу с помощью Crewell?
    • Выбирайте вакансии
    • Претендуйте
    • Успешно трудоустройтесь
  • 2nd Engineer

    The best internet page about search a job for seamen! Thanks of lot!!! »

  • 3rd Officer

    Well done - Crewell =)) If u want to be ok, u must be with job today)))) Good luck for all) »

  • 2nd Officer

    Very Quick Respond to Help, Great Team »

  • Single Engineer

    Очень удобный сайт. Сидя дома тебя находит работа. Из дома выхожу сразу на самолёт чтобы лететь на судно. »

  • 3rd Officer

    I m new in this site. .. but it seems very effective and good to me .. though yet I m waiting for fruit to get.. I m sure tht I'll advertise the site to my fellow friends.. thnks SUMIT... »

  • ETO

    Crewell рабочий сайт, в очередной раз помог найти работу с повышением зарплаты. »

  • 3rd Officer

    I found my last contract here! Very appreciate you! »

  • Master


  • Chief Engineer

    It is actually, I'm employed via Crewell allready second time, with normal salary (as for my position) »

  • Crewing company

    Very nice site! »

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