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  • Yanis *******
    3rd Officer | 30.10.2014

    Well done - Crewell =)) If u want to be ok, u must be with job today)))) Good luck for all)


  • Pavel *******
    Chief Officer | 28.10.2014

    CREWELL - очень хороший сайт. Информативный. Ровно столько, сколько моряку нужно. Всё просто и наглядно.


  • Anatoliy *******
    OS (Ordinary Seaman) | 24.10.2014

    Lots of thanks to the Crewell and Seafactor!!! You are the best!!!


  • Boris *******
    Chief Officer | 20.10.2014

    Работу, правда, еще не предложили. Но сайт действительно информативный и удобный в использовании. Так держать!


  • Partho *******
    3rd Officer | 18.10.2014

    Crewell seems really fantastic. Just hoping that I'll find a job through this site.


  • Viktor *******
    2nd Engineer | 02.09.2014

    Viktor, 2nd Eng Отличный сайт. Огромная помощь в поиске работы. Спасибо.


  • Yury *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 01.09.2014

    Да один раз получил предложение через сайт от Латвийского круинга,правда не устроило.Во общем сайт хороший и удобнее чем Crewplanet всвязи с тем что видно круинг предлагающий работу


  • SAJAL *******
    4th Engineer | 23.08.2014

    I think this the best web site for seamen job and waiting for the the result .


  • Maksym *******
    Chief Officer | 31.07.2014

    Работу через этот сайт пока не нашел, но то, что сервис весьма удобен - факт!


  • ALEKSANDR *******
    3rd Engineer | 17.07.2014

    Очень полезный сайт, все просто и доступно.


  • Mark *******
    Chief Engineer | 04.07.2014

    Сайт хороший в апреле в течении 2-х недель улетел на работу.


  • Andriy *******
    ETO | 04.06.2014

    Отличный сайт!


  • Andriy *******
    ETO | 04.06.2014

    Только что познакомился с этим сайтом, узнал случайно, приятно удивил, быстротой и простотой пользования! Молодцы, так держать!


  • Roman *******
    Electrical Engineer | 26.05.2014

    Сайт отличный.Все легко и понятно. Только зарегистрировался и через некоторое время предложили работу электроном. Браво Crewell!!! Молодцы!!


  • KITTIPHON *******
    Electrical Engineer | 15.05.2014

    I joined this web site a few days and hope that all Companies and all Crewing company will consider the People Asians like me. Which ensures that from my past experience It will can work for all you Companies effectively. I hope that this web site CREWELL will give me a chance to show the talent that I have. Thanks & Best Regards, Kittiphon.T ( Electrical Engineer )


  • Anatoly *******
    Chief Engineer | 23.04.2014

    Сайт отличный, свежие предложения, телефоны, компании. И не важно нашлась работа или нет - просто отличный сайт с понятным и удобным оформлением. Браво CREWELL, молодцы.


  • Sumit *******
    3rd Officer | 18.04.2014

    I m new in this site. .. but it seems very effective and good to me .. though yet I m waiting for fruit to get.. I m sure tht I'll advertise the site to my fellow friends.. thnks SUMIT


  • Francis *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 15.04.2014

    I know Crewell will help me get a job on this site, AB from Ghana.I pray for all seamen to get a good job.


  • ALeksandr *******
    2nd Engineer | 09.04.2014

    Сайт хороший,предложений много,но найти работу не гражданину Украины сложно,это едиственный минус. Удачи всем!


  • Viacheslav *******
    2nd Engineer | 21.02.2014

    сайт отличный!


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  • Sergiy *******
    Chief Engineer

    It is actually, I'm employed via Crewell allready second time, with normal salary (as for my position) >>

  • Ievgenii *******
    3rd Engineer

    Crewell is a very useful site for job search. Simple for use and registration. It one of the best for rating among another maritime site in my opinion. Crewell has a handy app for Android.... >>

  • Oleg *******
    AB (Able Seaman)

    Good site) Well done developers, it helps a lot to find a job !!! The best maritime site in Ukraine !!! >>

  • Dmytro *******
    Chief Officer

    Thank so much to Crewell Group, sign new contract with appropriate terms as Chief Mate with new company. Already one month on the vessel, everything perfect. I am very appreciate for... >>

  • Jagjit *******
    2nd Officer

    Good day. Well, searching job and applying was never so easy. This is a well thought out and planned portal dealing with to the point things and giving away with unnecessary formalities. Dear... >>

  • THOMAS *******
    Chief Engineer

    Crewell you are my best friend because of you i can easy to get my best chance. Success for your Team >>

  • Oleksiy *******
    2nd Engineer

    I realy find this site one of the best in comunication between employers and sailors. Thanks a lot to CREWELL crew for give opportunities. Bless You. >>

  • GHULAM *******
    AB (Able Seaman)

    Really this is the best site to get job i like this CREWELL >>

  • Andriy *******
    3rd Officer

    I found my last contract here! Very appreciate you! >>

  • Deddy *******
    Chief Engineer

    I am very happy to be part of Crewell and i am very thanksfull for giving me 5 USD. Hopefully in the next future i will get a good job vacancy in here. >>