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  • PANJI YUNUS *******
    Chief Officer | 30.12.2017

    thanks alot crewell...


  • Captain AKM *******
    Master | 30.12.2017

    Thank you so much CREWELL , hope will find job offer shortly . Thanks in advance.


  • wahyudi *******
    3rd Officer | 23.12.2017

    Thanks so much, crewell bravo to all member...


  • Ian *******
    Motorman/Oiler | 17.12.2017

    Хороший сайт.Надеюсь найти работу


  • Bahtiar *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 05.12.2017

    Thanks so much, crewell. I hopeful with this website will make the seafarer's be easy to getting the job anymore. Best regards.


  • Gorgonio *******
    Pumpman | 18.11.2017

    I have found crewell website connecting maritime world and was surprised some of their job post required any citizenship which clearly helping all the seaman members in the whole world. Thank you so much to all the members of crewell who made this excellent seamans jobsite. I hope and pray that when job opportunities vacancy for my qualifications comes in the future and my C.V. would be selected as shortlisted as one of th lucky candidates.


  • amir *******
    Chief Officer | 16.11.2017

    Very Good Site


  • Mahmuddin *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 16.11.2017

    Good webside.,for all seaman.. BRAVO.. CREWEL.....


  • Huzain *******
    Chief Engineer | 03.11.2017

    Thanks Crewell from your website easy for me to find any job vacancy


  • SERGIY *******
    2nd Officer | 27.10.2017



  • Aleksandr *******
    Chief Cook | 27.10.2017

    I'm a new member but, is looking very well organised and I suppose will be useful and hope to find plesent job.


  • zoran *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 26.10.2017

    I don't know yet. still didn't get any job


  • Tureac *******
    2nd Officer | 26.10.2017

    I'm a new member but, is looking very well organised and I suppose will be useful.


  • Asep *******
    Chief Officer | 26.10.2017

    very good at this site and very helpful to find work. thanks crewell


  • Sutomo *******
    Chief Engineer | 26.10.2017

    Thanks so much of Crewell group,make my easily to get chance in this site even I'am still not yet having opportunity with relation all shipping company under crew service of crewell,but I believe crewell is very care with us as a member once more Thank you Crewell.


    Master | 26.10.2017

    Another option for looking a job. Thanks crewell!!!


  • Kalu *******
    AB (Able Seaman) | 25.10.2017

    This site is very good to find good job opportunity. Hope to find my dream job hear.


  • Artem *******
    OS (Ordinary Seaman) | 25.10.2017

    Good site!


  • Olger Ricardo *******
    Master | 25.10.2017

    Very good site,Very convenient and simple site! It helps me! thanks Crewell. I just hope to find a that opportunity to get job for me here. thank you for all Crewell


  • Andrii *******
    OS (Ordinary Seaman) | 25.10.2017

    This is a good site for seamen! Thank you so much CREWELL!



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  • Ievgenii *******

    Crewell is a very useful site for job search. Simple for use and registration. It one of the best for rating among another maritime site in my opinion. Crewell has a handy app for Android.... >>

  • Oleg *******
    AB (Able Seaman)

    Good site) Well done developers, it helps a lot to find a job !!! The best maritime site in Ukraine !!! >>

  • Andrii *******
    OS (Ordinary Seaman)

    This is a good site for seamen! Thank you so much CREWELL! >>

  • Dmytro *******
    Chief Officer

    Thank so much to Crewell Group, sign new contract with appropriate terms as Chief Mate with new company. Already one month on the vessel, everything perfect. I am very appreciate for... >>

  • Jagjit *******
    2nd Officer

    Good day. Well, searching job and applying was never so easy. This is a well thought out and planned portal dealing with to the point things and giving away with unnecessary formalities. Dear... >>

  • THOMAS *******
    Chief Engineer

    Crewell you are my best friend because of you i can easy to get my best chance. Success for your Team >>

  • Oleksiy *******
    3rd Engineer

    I realy find this site one of the best in comunication between employers and sailors. Thanks a lot to CREWELL crew for give opportunities. Bless You. >>

  • GHULAM *******
    AB (Able Seaman)

    Really this is the best site to get job i like this CREWELL >>

  • Andriy *******
    3rd Officer

    I found my last contract here! Very appreciate you! >>

  • I am very happy to be part of Crewell and i am very thanksfull for giving me 5 USD. Hopefully in the next future i will get a good job vacancy in here. >>